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Day one #Xerocon

Melanie Morris - Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two words…mind blowing

Even though I am one of a few who have “7” on my registration card, each time Xerocon just keeps getting better and better.  The speakers are so professional the slide decks are slick.

All in all so much to take in, not sure simple words can do today justice.

The networking opportunities are phenomenal everyone is on the same page; it feels like a cult following with all attendees swooning over the latest features and functionality in the pipeline.

For me it was a selection of feature delights…to hear that desktop software will be gone by the end of 2014 means that the olden days has hit terminal velocity….welcoming in the new era of the cloud. 

At Training and Beyond we are so grateful and proud to be part of the early adopters and enjoy the chit chat with fellow attendees.

I was reminded today that Bookkeeping and Beyond also won the first ever Xero prize for the most Xero Organisations added in the first year of Xero…it was a $1K travel voucher which was used to fly to Sydney back then in the hope of setting up a training division, it was too early Australia was not ready. 

Today I was happy to see and hear the AU training and implementer panel discussing best practice and the way forward to move your practice into the cloud.

WorkflowMax is morphing into Xero Practice Manager, awesome and beautiful just as you would expect. I love the new UI and file management coming in, the inventory, purchase orders and quotes will be another game changer for SMEs.

Above all the big take away from today is the Xero directory and brand new training tab…wow wow wow was my tweet Xero sharing knowledge.

Its such a pleasure to have a small part in this education movement, without continuous education we will risk users only sticking to what they know with the wonderful world of the cloud as @roddrury famously says

“It’s not the big that eat the small it’s the fast that eat the slow” - training is key to this success.

I need to rest and be bright for tomorrow as I am sure there will be more enthralling roadmaps and presentations to expand our mind or at least blow our minds.


PS this blogging thing could become addictive

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